AD-KENT makes it possible to buy your phones, electronics, home and kitchen appliances either by visiting any of our stores, click here for location. You could also make your purchase online via our e-commerce website. You will definitely enjoy after-sales support and free delivery if after you made a purchase of goods worth over a certain amount as determined by us.

Service Centres

Our stores have service centres where faulty mobile phones and tablets can be repaired and restored back to good working condition.

Please note that the products you purchase from AD-KENT are quality products, tested and trusted from the manufacturer. Our products are not meant for this service centres because they are durable and will give you value for your money. However, our service centres are opened to all and sundry who needs to repair their phones and tablets.


This service is only available at our stores and exclusive only to mobile phones and tablets.

This is how it works. Walk into any of our stores, choose your preferred phone, get registered with a stand-by EasyBuy agent, make 30% payment of the total value of your choice phone and pay the balance payment in 3 months excluding the month of purchase.

After registration and 30% down-payment, you are free to go home with your choice phone.

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